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The perfect coating for tough environments that require gloss, easy cleaning, durability, sound color and chemical resistance.

Great for use on troughs, tanks and gutters, as well as office, shop, garage and warehouse floors. Clear ARMORCOAT Base Epoxy doesn't peel easily or wear quickly like most coatings commonly found in builder supply centers. The two components work work together to form a coating with a tenacious bond and high chemical wear resistance.

The ARMORCOAT system creates a smooth, seamless low-build floor. It has a tile-like appearance and lives up to its name by resisting heavy wear and chemicals. Plus, it's easy to use, just mix, spread, and roll.

Typical Coverage:

  • Medium-Duty: 120-150 square feet/gallon
  • Heavy-Duty: 80-120 square /gallon

Available Sizes: 1.5 Gallon or 15 Gallon

Use THIXO (#470158) for vertical applications.

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