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KUHL Plastic Leg Bands

QC Supply Part #: 422224
Shipping: Standard
Price From: $65.49 - $96.49

The durable celluloid construction provides a secure connection.

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Properly identify fowl with KUHL Leg Bands. The durable celluloid construction provides a secure connection that will not become loose.

Ideal For:

  • College laboratories and research facilities
  • Breeder pens and pedigree work
  • Government institutions
  • Elementary school and classroom use


  • Ships as a bulk economy pack with 1,000 loose bands — they must all be one size, but can be one color or assorted colors
  • Also available for an additional fee — Bags of 1,000, packaged 50 per bundle. Call 1-800-433-6340 for details
Bird TypeNameDiameter
Baby Chicks, Quail No. 4 1/4"
Pigeons, Pheasant Hens No. 5 5/16"
Large Pigeons, Homers, Month Old Chicks, Pheasant Cocks No. 6 3/8"
Bantams, Growing Chicks, Ringneck Mallards, Wild Ducks No.7 7/16"
Call Ducks and other birds or waterfowl with similar legs No. 8 1/2"
Large Leghorn Hens, Wild Ducks No. 9 9/16"
Universal size for most Chickens plus Pheasants, Ringneck Cocks, Wild Turkeys No. 10 5/8"
Plymouth Rock Hens, Rhode Island Red Hens, Leghorn Cocks No. 11 11/16"
Asiatic Hens, Jersey Giant Cocks, American Breed Cocks, Turkey Hens, Geese No. 12 3/4"
Jersey Giant Cocks, Turkey Hens, Geese, Swan No. 14 7/8"
Turkey Toms and Geese No. 16 1"


Brand Kuhl
Animal Poultry & Gamebird

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