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Clip-On Blinders

National Band & Tag , 3184L
QC Supply Part #: 420115
Shipping: Standard
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This pinless peeper is designed to stay in longer.

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These Clip-On Blinders with built-in pins are used for poultry and game birds including pheasants 4 to 5 weeks and older.


  • NB&T molded in the back of the cross bar
  • Pinless peeper is designed to stay in longer
  • For best results, warm the blinders before applying — soak in hot water or lay out in the sun

Available In: 100 Count or 500 Count

Colors may vary.

Brand National Band & Tag
Manufacturer Part Number 3184L
Animal Poultry & Gamebird

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Helps Keep ALL Our Birds Happy

    Review by on Jun 8, 2012

    We have a mixed flock of chickens in a generous run. When the rooster came of age, he was so rough that one hen died from too much attention. We separated him from the flock, but the bare spots on some hens created interest among the others. They learned to pick feathers, and it became a bit of a gang thing as one breed singled out members of the other. These are all good layers and sweet natured but they wouldn't leave each other alone. We tried separating the weakest, etc.

    The clip on blinders have been WONDERFUL. Our girls can still chase bugs, find forage, preen their feathers and do all the things they did before. What they DON'T do is pull each others' feathers. We love the fact that these are pin-less. It took 2 people to place them on the birds: one to stabilize the bird, another to (use both hands) spread the clips and place onto the beak. Once we got the hang of it, this became a quick and painless process. DON'T try to push them down onto the beak as this will cause a scrape.

    Our rooster REALLY didn't like his. It was on for a few days until he managed to find a way to wedge it against the fence and yank it off. We will put it back onto him in a few days. but be warned that this could happen with aggressive cocks. For the time he was wearing it, he became much more docile.

    Thank you for offering a humane way to redirect destructive behaviors!

  • 5 Stars

    good product

    Review by on Feb 7, 2011

    work well, easy to put on

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