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XLink™ Bluetooth® Cell Phone Interface

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Use a cell phone and Bluetooth to run your Sensaphone even without a landline.


XLink™ allows your Sensaphone® to dial and receive calls using any cell phone with Bluetooth® technology. This is a great solution for running a Sensaphone without a landline.

XLink™ is a wireless (Bluetooth®) link between your Sensaphone® and a cellular phone. It provides service to the Sensaphone through a cell phone located nearby. XLink™ sends all incoming calls to the Sensaphone® and when the Sensaphone® needs to dial out, the call will be seamlessly completed through the cell phone.**

This can be a cost-effective option since many cellular providers offer inexpensive options to add another phone to your existing service plan.

**Power Failure — Please note that while Sensaphone® products have built-in provisions for operating on battery during a power failure, this Bluetooth® Cellular Interface does not. This means that during a power failure the Sensaphone® will not be able to communicate and make its phone calls. The recommended solution for this is to power your Bluetooth® Cellular Interface with a small uninterrupted (battery backup) system with a minimum of 400va (#390508).

Brand XLink
Manufacturer Part Number XT-BTTN



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