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Androhep® EnduraGuard™ Plus

Minitube of America (MOFA) , 13532/0001
QC Supply Part #: 320444
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Maintains semen quality and fertility up to 10 days.

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Cold ship item. Will ship on ice to maintain effectiveness. Ships Monday-Wednesday.


The Androhep® EnduraGuard™ maintains semen quality and fertility up to 10 days. 49 gram packet.

Basic Ingredients: BSA, citric acid, EDTA, glucose, sodium bicarbonate. Antibiotics: gentamicin sulfate, lincomycin and spectinomycin.

Preparation: Dissolve 49 g in 1 liter sterile distilled water at 32°–38°C (90°–100° F). For best performance, do not prepare more than 24 hours in advance of use. Allow the pH to stabilize for 1 hour before extending semen.

Application: Dilute freshly collected boar semen (adjusted to room temperature of semen) at a ratio of 1:3 to 1:10 according to the semen volume and sperm concentration. Prepare insemination doses of 85 to 100 ml. Extended semen should be stored and shipped at 17°–18°C (62°–64° F).

Quality Control: Warm samples to 37°C (98° F) for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to motility evaluation.

Storage: Refrigerate reconstituted EnduraGuard™ and use within 24 hours. Store unopened EnduraGuard™ packets in a tightly sealed container in a dry and dark environment below 10°C (50° F) for optimum lifespan.

Brand Minitube of America (MOFA)
Manufacturer Part Number 13532/0001
Animal Swine

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