LevALERT® Grain Level Indicator

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Monitoring bin levels has never been easier or safer!

The LevALERT® Grain Level Indicator displays the level of feed in your bin while you remain safely on the ground. When grain reaches the level of the LevALERT®, it turns a highly visible bright yellow color. Install anywhere along a vertical bin wall at key levels important to you.

How it Works: As your bin material reaches the LevALERT® Indicator, it pushes against the rubber activator, turning the color tube from black to bright yellow. When material recedes, it automatically darkens again.


  • Easy Installation — Fully assembled and ready to install from outside your bin
  • High Visibility — Can be easily seen from 300 feet, day or night
  • No Electricity Required — Completely mechanical
  • Increased Safety — Virtually eliminates the need to climb bins to check levels
  • A Money Saver — Saves you time, labor and money
  • Made in the USA


  • Agricultural Grains and Feeds
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Fertilizer
  • Minerals
  • Cement Powders
  • Sand

Note: Installation requires the drilling of a 1 1/8" hole.

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