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Osborne™ S100 Big Wheel® Ad-Lib Hog Feeder

, FF-00S100
QC Supply Part #: 30461
Shipping: Standard
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Designed for farrowing crates and single pens.


The proven and patented "mechanical-flow" system delivers fresh feed without waste for maximum intake with a continuous automatic feed from a conveyor.

Sows' feed intake is higher because fresh food is there when they are ready to eat. The transparent volumetric hopper lets you track daily feed intake. This leads to improved sow condition and optimal milk production. 

The feed trough stays clean since there are no corners or cracks to trap feed. Washing and disinfecting are easy and quick. The reverse trough lip scrapes feed from the sow's chin hairs to save feed and prevents lower teeth from damaging the long-lasting RTMGlas™ trough. The reliable, preset flow-rate means no adjustment is needed for most feeders.

A removable disk changes flow-rate for major changes in feed type.


  • Feed Capacity: 43 lbs.
  • Height: 36.5"
Brand Osborne Industries
Manufacturer Part Number FF-00S100
Feeder Type Sow
Animal Swine



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