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AmerSeal® Tire Sealant

American Sealants
QC Supply Part #: 30235
Shipping: Standard
Availability: In stock
Price From: $8.59 - $214.99

Prevent and repair flat tires and maintain air pressure for the life of the tire.


AmerSeal® Will Seal Punctures Instantly!

AmerSeal® ready-to-use Tire Sealant seals tire punctures up to 1/4" and lasts for the life of the tire. It is effective in high- or low-pressure, tubed or tubeless tires.
Simply install through the valve stem with the valve core removed and tire deflated.

AmerSeal® can also be used with new tires for extended tread wear — it will not adversely affect balance.

How Much Do You Need?:

  • 4 oz. — bicycle tire
  • 8 oz. — wheelbarrow or a dirt bike tire
  • 8-16 oz. — motorcycle tire
  • 16 oz. — car/trailer tire
  • 20 oz. — truck/SUV or golf cart tire
  • 24 oz. — riding lawnmower or ATV standard tire
  • 32 oz. — large ATV tire

Use Estimator:

  • Heavy-Duty Trucks, Semis & Buses: Full Tire H x W ÷ 10 = Ounces/Tire
  • Autos, Light Trucks & Sport Utility: Full Tire H x W ÷ 27 = Ounces/Tire
  • Small Trailers & Campers: Full Tire H x W ÷ 10 = Ounces/Tire
  • Off Road Tires: Full Tire H x W ÷ 5 = Ounces/Tire
  • ATV Tires Over 40 mph: Full Tire H x W ÷ 10 = Ounces/Tire
  • Under 45 mph: Tire W x Tire H ÷ 5 = Ounces Needed
  • Over 45 mph: Tire W x Tire H ÷ 10 = Ounces Needed

Available in 4 Sizes:

  • 8 oz. Bottle
  • 32 oz. Bottle
  • 1 Gallon Jug**
  • 5 Gallon Jug**

**Pump included with 1 gallon size. For 5 gallon size, pump sold separately (#30237).

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Jan 26, 2017

    I've used it before. It's a great product.

  • 5 Stars

    Great product

    Review by on Oct 4, 2016

    We added 40 oz to 3 of our 11-22.5 tires that had nail holes and they are now holding air with no vibration. I am ordering 5 gallons to treat all my tires.

  • 5 Stars

    Worth every penny

    Review by on May 7, 2016

    I purchased the Ameriseal 32 Oz 2 years ago on my right rear riding mower due to those darn goat heads and it worked flawlessly. Now in the present my left rear is having the same issue and I purchased another 32 Oz bottle and it took care of my flat issue. To this day If I continued to have new goat head punctures the sealer inside clogged it up and no worries of any loss of air. This product is worth the expense and I highly advise anyone to use this. I am a lifer to this product. Way to go ameriseal!!

  • 5 Stars

    Good Product

    Review by on Apr 30, 2016

    I bought this product to use in tube type tractor rears. Works well against thorns. In hindsight, I should have bought the amerseal pump also. I used a couple of pumps that I had that were not quite up to the challenge.

  • 5 Stars

    Just good stuff

    Review by on Jul 25, 2015

    I've know about Amerseal for nearly 20 years and used it quite often, since it was developed. I've seen it do some remarkable things.
    I can't understand why it's not used more. Major Highways will have remnants of tire blowouts every mile. Count them, sometime.
    About 90% are caused from pinholes that result in layer separation and eventual blow out or thread separation. This sealant will fix that.

  • 5 Stars

    Great stuff

    Review by on May 11, 2014

    Great stuff, here in Phoenix there are thorns on almost anything, getting a flat will just kill you day ,not anymore, I've been using this stuff for years and always put it in my lawn mower tires thanks amerseal.

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Apr 19, 2012

    Great Product. I use this in my bobcat and have avoided flat tires for a very long time. I also use AmerSeal in my lawn tractor and everything else that has inflatable tires, it works amazingly well.

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