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Plasson® Breeder Drinker

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A Must-Have for Poultry Farmers!

Made of high-impact plastic to withstand the rigors of daily use, the Plasson Breeder Drinker provides a constant supply of fresh water for chickens, turkeys and game birds. Self-cleaning, the breeder operates on low water pressure and easily distributes medication. Designed to ensure a constant water level and a dry floor, its sensitive system is activated when a bird drinks as little as 2 oz. of water. The drinker may be looped in a series for brooding. Includes a 10' hose and barbs. Additional parts are available.

Approximately 10-12 drinkers accommodate 1,000 breeders, turkeys and game birds; 8-10 drinkers will serve 1,000 layers; in hot climates, 12-14 drinkers are needed per 1,000 birds.

  1. Fill ballast bottle 1/2 to 3/4 full of water and antifreeze. This will help prevent freezing during cold weather.
  2. Screw the bottle hanger onto the ballast bottle.
  3. Place bell over the hanger with the hanger coming through the two side holes on the bell.
  4. Screw mechanism assembly into center of bell.
  5. Hook bottle hanger onto the tabs of the mechanism assembly.
  6. Screw one of the unions onto the mechanism cap.
  7. Attach hose to union.
  8. The white piece on the mechanism assembly that was screwed into the bell (Step 4) is called the water level adjuster. Once the water reaches the desired level, tighten the black locking collars to keep this level from changing.
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