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Suevia Cup - Model 929

Suevia , 100.0929
QC Supply Part #: 272050
Shipping: Standard
Availability: Backordered Until 05-31-2017

Recommended for nursery pigs up to 75 lbs.


(#100.0929) The stainless steel valve on this Model 929 Suevia Watering Cup resists corrosion better than brass valves. It requires less maintenance since it will not pit. The center mount is best for young pigs because they accidentally push valve while drinking. This ensures there is always water in the cup for those pigs that have not yet figured out how to push the valve to get water.


  • Bowls are constructed of cast iron and completely enameled, making them impervious to acid, friction wear and virtually all corrosive chemicals
  • Never needs height adjustment and guaranteed not to break under normal use
  • Each cup is put through a special enamel process for corrosion resistance
  • Flow control valve lets you adjust to whatever pressure you have on your farm
  • Hood feature helps prevent water in the cup from being contaminate
  • 1/2" male connection from the top
  • Sturdy molded-in mounting tabs with 3/8" holes
  • Dimensions: 6.75" W x 4" D x 8" H
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

Recommended For: Piglets and Nursery Pigs up to 75 lbs.

Brand Suevia
Manufacturer Part Number 100.0929
Animal Swine



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