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Scorpion® III for 7/8" and Thinner Plastic Dividers

QC Supply Part #: 260527A
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The ultimate in farrowing heat lamps!


The Scorpion® III Still Has the Best Heating Pattern Of Any Heat Lamp!

The Scorpion® III heats two litters with only one bulb. Unlike other heat lamps with a circular heating pattern, this lamp provides a rectangular heating pattern without hot spots. When mounted on the divider panel, the Scorpion® III will not heat the sow, preventing burned udders. The sow is more comfortable, resulting in increased milk production.

The three-way switch provides precise comfort control and reduces energy consumption to less than 63 watts per side during warmer weather or as piglets get older. The Scorpion® III has an easy-mount clamping system that attaches securely to the divider in seconds.


  • 115 volt
  • Three wire
  • 9' grounded cord for added safety

Bulbs are not included, see QC #260500.

Note: For use with 7/8" and thinner plastic dividers.

Manufacturer Part Number Scorp37/8
Animal Swine



Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Wonderful product

    Review by on Jan 28, 2017

    Purchased several last year and had to add a couple more this year. We have excellent luck with these heat lamps and put off enough heat on low! Been a great addition to our farrowing season.

  • 3 Stars

    not the most durable

    Review by on Aug 5, 2014

    metal needs to be heavier gauge, the bulbs go out easily, socket assembly needs replaced often,have not needed to replace any switches yet, been in use for 2 years. the screws will fall out that holds the socket assembly. this is a below avg. heat lamp for quality.
    otherwise could be a great heat lamp.

  • 5 Stars

    Love them

    Review by on Apr 11, 2014

    I have used these for years and never had any issues.

  • 3 Stars

    Work well but have some issues

    Review by on Jan 19, 2011

    Work very well for warmth and comfort of the piglets. However, switches go bad easily and units get extremely hot. Lightweight but would sacrifice some additional weight for a sturdier heat lamp. Overall very good lamp but need TLC for long term use.

  • 3 Stars

    Good but lots of maintenance

    Review by on Oct 22, 2010

    These heat lamps work good, but require a lot of maintenance. The sockets go bad and need replaced. The switches also have a tendency to go out. The screws that hold the sockets in place seem to rust badly, therefore you can not take them out to replace. The good thing about them is you can use 1 for 2 farrowing crates.

  • 3 Stars

    Needs to be tougher

    Review by on Feb 23, 2010

    They work great but do not hold up to any kind of heavy use. Need more repair parts available. The housing that the switch mount in is what breaks more than anything

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