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Gasolec Infrared Heaters - M-8 LP - 17,240 BTU

, M-8 LP
QC Supply Part #: 20286
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The M-8 Propane Heater has stainless steel construction, adjustability, fuel savings, reliability and low maintenance making it a preferred choice to the animal confinement industry.

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Stainless Steel Construction, Adjustability, Fuel Savings, Reliability and Low Maintenance Make Gasolec Heaters a Preferred Choice to the Animal Confinement Industry.

Gasolec Infrared Heaters, M-8 LP, 17,240 BTU.


  • Low operating cost as this heater heats animals and not the air
  • No moving parts for low maintenance
  • The rugged stainless steel design can withstand high pressure washdown
  • Heaters can be modulated with thermo unit
  • During power failure, you can manually control heaters until power is restored
  • Gasolec has 100% safety shut off on all heaters
  • Optional heavy-duty cloth filter lessens maintenance time
  • Mesh screen filter is also fully washable and reusable


  • Heater
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Suspension Hook
  • Safety Shut-off Device

Call one of our technicians (800-433-6340) to design a system especially for your applications.

Note: The M-Type Gas Heaters run on a higher gas pressure (4.5 PSI) than our L.B. White® Heaters. The G-12 Heaters do operate on 11" w.c. like L.B. White®. Please check your gas pressure before ordering.

Type Heat Pattern Mounting Height Application Operating BTU/Range Fuel Usage Pressure @ Max. Output
M-2 4' Circle 2'-2 1/2' Farrowing Crates 340-3,400 0.3-4.5 .038 Gallon/Hr. LP
3.5 Cu. Ft/Hr. NG
M-3 6' Circle 2'-2 1/2' 12-18 Pigs 500-1,500 0.3-4.5 .054 Gallon/Hr. LP
5 Cu. Ft./Hr. NG
M-5 14' Egg Shape 3 1/2'-4' 20-30 Pigs 1,000-10,000 0.3-4.5 .109 Gallon/Hr LP
10 Cu. Ft/Hr. NG
M-8* 18' Egg Shape 4'-4 1/2' 75-100 Pigs 1,000 Broilers
1,700-17,000 0.3-4.5 .185 Gallon/Hr. LP
17 Cu. Ft./Hr. NG
G-12** 42' Circle 5 1/2' 150-200 Pigs
42,000 11" Water Column .457 Gallon/Hr. LP
42 Cu. Ft/Hr. NG
*Price reflects pilot zone heating. Hot surface ignition available for Model M-8 only.
**Price reflects pilot zone heating. Pilot with individual control or hot surface ignition available.
Brand Gasolec
Manufacturer Part Number M-8 LP
Vent Type Non Vented
Application Agricultural



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  • 5 Stars

    Happy Happy Happy

    Review by on Sep 9, 2014

    Bought these for our little pigs to be used at weaning. Creates a very comfortable sleeping area ! For my situation it's great !

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