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Gasolec Infrared Heater - G-12 NG - 42,000 BTU - Individually Controlled

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Made of durable stainless steel, the Gasolec Infrared Heater - G-12 NG - 42,000 BTU is the preferred choice by farmers everywhere for swine and poultry facilities. Designed to provide warmth and comfort zones for animals, its infrared heat is concentrated directly to the animals and the floor. Fueled by natural gas, it features no moving parts for reliable low maintenance heating. Includes an individually controlled ignition.


  • Low operating cost as this heater heats animals and not the air
  • No moving parts for low maintenance
  • The rugged stainless steel design can withstand high pressure washdown
  • Heaters can be modulated with thermo unit
  • During power failure, you can manually control heaters until power is restored
  • Gasolec has 100% safety shut off on all heaters


  • Heater
  • Heavy Duty Dust Filter
  • Suspension Hook
  • Safety Shut-off Device

Call one of our technicians at 800.433.5275 to design a system especially for your applications.

Note: The M-Type Gas Heaters run on a higher gas pressure (4.5 PSI) than our L.B. White® Heaters. The G-12 Heaters do operate on 11" w.c. like L.B. White®. Please check your gas pressure before ordering.

TypeHeat PatternMounting HeightApplicationOperating BTU/RangeFuel Usage Pressure@ Max. Output
M-2 4' Circle 2'-2½' Farrowing Crates 340-3,400 0.3-4.5 .038 Gallon/Hr. LP
3.5 Cu. Ft/Hr. NG
M-3 6' Circle 2'-2½' 12-18 Pigs 500-1,500 0.3-4.5 .054 Gallon/Hr. LP
5 Cu. Ft./Hr. NG
M-5 14' Egg Shape 3½'-4' 20-30 Pigs 1,000-10,000 0.3-4.5 .109 Gallon/Hr LP
10 Cu. Ft/Hr. NG
M-8* 18' Egg Shape 4'-4½' 75-100 Pigs 1,000 Broilers
1,700-17,000 0.3-4.5 .185 Gallon/Hr. LP
17 Cu. Ft./Hr. NG
G-12** 42' Circle 5½' 150-200 Pigs
42,000 11" Water Column .457 Gallon/Hr. LP
42 Cu. Ft/Hr. NG
*Price reflects pilot zone heating. Hot surface ignition available for Model M-8 only.
**Price reflects pilot zone heating. Pilot with individual control or hot surface ignition available.
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