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LB White® I-17 Infraconic® Radiant Heater - Pilot Light Ignition - Zone Controlled - LP

MF #I17P11000D
QC Part #
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To honor LB White's No Advertised Price Policy we are not able to show pricing on L.B. White heaters or genuine LB White replacement parts. QC Supply is more committed than ever to help support the LB White product line. Please call 1-800-433-6340 or contact a local store for expert advice and access to the largest stocking parts inventory in the industry.

Delivers Larger, More Consistent Comfort Zones for Swine & Poultry With Up to 40% Fuel Savings

The LB White Infraconic Radiant Heater delivers a broader, more consistent heat pattern with less fuel. Pigs and poultry stay warm, which makes them eat more and grow faster. By creating a broader comfort zone with even heat distribution and no dead spots, the Infraconic helps you improve your productivity and reduce time to market.

Benefits for Swine:

  • Healthier lying patterns that minimize piling
  • Better rates of gain
  • Lower mortality
  • Lower feed and medical costs

Benefits for Poultry:

  • Keeps birds on feed and water lines 
  • Improved bird starts 
  • Better rates of gain 
  • Fewer culls 
  • Lower feed and medical costs

QC Part #20175 is the Heater Only.

For Additional Parts Needed for Installation Order:

  • QC Part #20236: 6' Gas Hose Kit (LBW #21334); or QC Part #20374: 10' Gas Hose Kit
  • QC Part #20201: Filter Kit (includes Filter and Sleeve) (LBW #20427)
  • 8' (LBW #22829) and 15' (LBW #21347) Gas Hose Kits are also available by special order


  • Pilot Light Ignition
  • Larger Consistent Comfort Zone
  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Healthier Laying Patterns that Minimize Piling
  • Better Rates of Gain

Swine Specifications:

  • BTU/Rating: 17,100 BTU
  • # of Nursery/Wean Finish: 170 Piglets
  • Spark Ignition: Optional
  • Modulating: Yes
  • Individual Thermostat: Modulating Only
  • Zone Controllable: Yes
  • Spark Ignition-Power: 115 VAC / 60 HZ
  • Modulating-Power: None

Poultry Specifications:

  • BTU/Rating: 17,100 BTU
  • # of Broilers: 1,500
  • # of Turkeys: 500
  • Spark Ignition (Option 1): Optional
  • Pilot Ignition (Option 2): Optional
  • Modulating: Optional
  • Individual Thermotat: Modulating Only
  • Zone Controllable: Yes
  • Pilot Ignition: 115 VAC / 6 HG
  • Spark Ignition: 115 VAC / 60 HZ

Additional Details:

  • Installation Height: 5'
  • Maximum Fuel Consumption: 0.80 lbs per hour
  • CFM: 200
  • Dimensions: 16.9" W x 8.8" H
  • Net Weight: 5.6 lbs

Minimum Clearance to Combustibles:

  • Top: 3'
  • Side: 3'
  • Bottom: 3.5'

LB White® Infraconic® Radiant Heat Brooders Integrate with Environment Control Systems, Including:

  • AP Systems (Automated Production Systems)®
  • Big Dutchman - Viper®
  • Rotem®
  • Val-Co®
  • Dicam®
  • Fancom®
  • Hotraco®
  • Maximus
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