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Allflex® Ultra Draw-Off Syringe - 5cc

, 5EM-B
QC Supply Part #: 140942-5EM
Shipping: Standard
Availability: In stock

This Allflex Ultra Draw-Off Syringe is a self-refilling syringe and comes complete with a draw-off for large bottles. The syringe has an amber colored barrel for UV protection of light sensitive vaccines.


This self-refilling Allflex® Ultra Draw-Off Syringe comes complete with a draw-off for large bottles.


  • Adjustable from 0.5 mL to 5 mL
  • Amber-colored barrel for UV protection of light-sensitive vaccines
  • Metal luer lock tip for added durability 
  • Comfortable V-grip handle

Also available: 2cc Allflex® Ultra Draw-Off Syringe (#140942-2EM) — Adjustable from .25 mL to 2 mL

Brand Allflex
Manufacturer Part Number 5EM-B
Syringe Design Draw-off
Animal Cattle, Swine, Sheep & Goat



Customer Reviews

  • 3 Stars

    Good, but needs improvement

    Review by on Feb 14, 2013

    Good product. I find that the O rings wear out and thus one has to replace these. QC Supply sells them, but they are not cheap. As well, I find that the rubber tubing often becomes loose where it inserts into the plastic nipple of the syringe. This cause the vacuum to be broken, resulting in the user to have to re-pump the syringe several times in order for the vial to re-fill. To remedy this, I use ties to "clamp down" on the rubber tubing so that it stays on tight.

    We use this product to inject herbicide into invasive trees that are taking over Hawaii's native forests.

  • 5 Stars

    Best draw-off syringe

    Review by on Jul 26, 2012

    Best draw-off syringe i've ever used. Never gets air bubbles in vial, accurate, holds needles well, easy to use. I give 5300 shots in one day and hand isn't sore as with other brands. Dropped it and pigs trampled it: only piece that broke was the needle I had in. Best Value draw-off syringe.

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