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Electric Tail Docker/Beak Trimmer

Lyon Technologies , 950-088
QC Supply Part #: 140064-D
Shipping: Standard
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Reduce tail biting among pigs and puppies and picking and fighting among birds.


The PTX Tail Docker/Beak Trimmer removes the ends of pigs' and puppies' tails and trims the beaks of poultry and gamebirds. This docker is effective in reducing the incidence of tail biting in pigs and puppies and cannibalism, picking, fighting and egg loss in birds.

Use on piglets no more than 2 weeks old (preferably in the first 2 days). The procedure is well tolerated with low incidence of infection. It inhibits bleeding and beak re-growth — birds usually begin eating right after trimming.


  • Trims and cauterizes in a single operation
  • New lead end terminals provide better blade contact
  • Low maintenance
  • Easu tp ise
  • Square, even cut on the bird's beak

Parts & Accessories available — see Parts Tab and Accessories Tab.

Brand Lyon Technologies
Manufacturer Part Number 950-088
Animal Swine, Poultry & Gamebird, Dog





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