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OB Snare

QC Supply Part #: 140006
Shipping: Standard
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Attach to front or rear legs to assist with delivery.

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The OB Snare with stainless steel cable is designed to attach to front or rear legs to assist with delivery.

Length — 3/32" x 15" exposed cable with 17-1/4" shaft

Brand Stone Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part Number 65842
Animal Cattle, Swine

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Best pig pullers I've ever used

    Review by on Apr 11, 2015

    After 12 years, around 100 farrowed litters, and multiple times having to pull pigs, I can honestly say these are by far the best pullers I have ever used. I have tried all the other kinds, but these are the only ones I can say I have retrieved 100% of the pigs I have used them on. Once you figure out how to maneuver the loop, you can snout them, grab feet, go around the head, anything really. I will say you do not want to put a ton of pressure on the pig because the loop will cinch down extremely tight, but we use them just long enough to get a pig through the pelvis and keep pressure on them so we can get our hands around their head, from there, you pull with your hand and not the puller. These things are great, and I'm buying a second set in case my originals break.

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