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Chemilizer™ CP33 Injector - Ratio 2:100

MF #CH6000-211
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The Chemilizer™ CP33 CH6000-211 Adjustable Liquid Injector accurately injects a precise amount of solution over a period of time.

Use For:

  • Chlorination or hydrogen peroxide disinfection of drinking water
  • pH control of drinking water
  • Fertilization of greenhouse and outdoor crops
  • Chlorination and pH control of swimming pools

Ideal Applications:

  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Peroxide
  • Fungicides
  • Chlorine Cioxide
  • Animal Medications
  • Chlorine
  • Algaecide
  • Sanitizers
  • Soaps

Advantages of the CP33 versus strictly proportional injection:

  • The ability to inject very small amounts into the water — this is essential when using the CP33 to disinfect drinking water, where the goal is a residual in the range of 2–4 parts per million.
  • The ability to dynamically adjust the injection volume — this is advantageous when using the CP33 for chlorination. It is also beneficial when fertilizing crops: if there's been a lot of rain, increase the injection volume of liquid fertilizer or micronutrient and use less water to deliver it.
  • The easy-to-read Injection Control Panel shows exactly how much solution you are injecting and provides a simple mechanism for making adjustments.
  • Runs off water flow, and works with system flows from as low as 12 gallons per minute* to more than 200 gallons per minute — The CP33 only uses a portion of the overall flow for power. This limits pressure loss within the water system and also allows the treatment of very large volumes of water. In fact, the CP33 is exceptionally suited to injecting very small volumes of solution into large volumes of water.
Item #ModelRange of Injection VolumeSystem Water Flow*Operating PressureInlet / OutletWeight
120850 CP33 1:100 3 ounces-per-hour to 3 gallons-per-hour 12 - 200 GPM 4 - 80 PSI 3/4" NHT 8 lbs.
120851 CP33 2:100 6 ounces-per hour to 6 gallons-per-hour 12 - 200 GPM 4 - 80 PSI 3/4" NHT 8 lbs.
120852 CP33 1:128 1 ounce-per-hour to 1 gallon-per-hour 12 - 200 GPM 4 - 80 PSI 3/4" NHT 8 lbs.

*Note: The CP33 will operate on water flows as low as 6 gallons per minute as long as the water flow is a constant rate.

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