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BIL 4000 Air Inlet

, BIL-4000
QC Supply Part #: 10623
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This second stage inlet is used in hallway-to-room applications.

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The BIL 4000 Air Inlet is a second stage shutter-type air inlet used in hallway-to-room applications. As second stage inlets, they do not open until the first stage ceiling inlets are at optimal operation. When these inlets are opened, air is directed up and gradually moves horizontally.


  • Operates off of the negative pressure created by exhaust fans
  • Activates at .06 static pressure and fully open at .10 static pressure
  • Allows for tunnel ventilation with a preheated hallway by only opening when high volumes of air are needed
  • Full length fiberglass rods
  • All non-corrosive linkage components are either stainless steel or poly
  • Dimensions: 23" Tall x 43 1/2" Wide
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
Brand AP
Manufacturer Part Number BIL-4000

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