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The Pest-A-Cator line of pest control devices uses sonic waves and vibration to repel rodents and other pests. The Pest-A-Cator 1000, 2000 and Plus 2000 cause a slight phase shift in the timing of the electromagnetic field surrounding the wiring in the home, causing discomfort to pests and rodents. The PestVacator uses the same technology, but transmits an ultrasonic signal to rid an area of pests. They are easily plugged into any outlet in your home. The Pest-A-Cator Ground Rodent Repeller is a solar powered unit which generates sonic waves and vibration for an alternative to control ground rodents in your lawn.
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  1. PestVacator


    Simply plug in and the ultrasonic signal will begin repelling rodents.

    QC Part #: 230355


  2. Pest A Cator Solar Ground Rodent Repeller

    Pest A Cator® Solar Ground Rodent Repeller

    Repel burrowing rodents without the use of chemicals or poisons.

    QC Part #: 230353


  3. Pest-A-Cator 2000

    Pest A Cator® 2000

    Plug into any 110-volt outlet and begin repelling rodents from your home, apartment or condo.

    QC Part #: 230352


  4. Pest A Cator Plus 2000

    Pest A Cator® Plus 2000

    Uses a combination of electromagnetic technology and ultrasonic technology to repel pests and rodents.

    QC Part #: 230351


  5. Pest A Cator

    Pest A Cator® 1000

    Designed for smaller homes, apartments, condominiums and mobile homes, this technology plugs into any 110-volt outlet to repel rodents.

    QC Part #: 230350


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