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Scale Stop (Blue)

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Scale-Stop (Blue)


QC Supply Part #: 160705

Shipping: Standard

Availability: In stock

Controlled-release mineral scale remover and inhibitor for evaporative cooler pads.

Mineral Scaling On Your Cool Cell Pads Cost You Money and Cooling Efficiency!

Scale-Stop is a controlled-release mineral scale remover and inhibitor for evaporative cooler pads. It improves cooling efficiency and pad life by removing mineral scale on existing pads with a blend of non-volatile cleaning agents, dispersants and descalers.

Guidelines — One stick will treat up to an 85’ system. 

New Pads — Place one Scale-Stop in the basin at the start of the cooling season and another in the middle of the cooling season for mineral deposit prevention.

Existing Scaled Pads — Place one Scale-Stop in the basin every 30 days until there is no longer a scale problem.

***Please see the Manuals & Resources Tab for a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Scale-Stop***

Manufacturer Part Number MNMSS4000
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Customer Reviews

Very pleased.
Review by RkyMtnRon on Aug 16, 2012

Just finished putting in second strip (Aug) for the year. Much less scale buildup than in previous years. Pads were showing no scale buildup at all. Glad I found this fine product.

Looks very promising
Review by RkyMtnRon on Jun 2, 2012

Got two, large (14,000 CFM) swamp coolers, on an apartment building in Denver. City water, but have had very aggressive scale buildup and nothing else I've tried seems to work. Only get them installed last week, so will see how well they work (all new drive hardware and pads).

Thanks again, QC Supply for your great customer service.

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