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The Buck Bomb™ Detonator

The Buck Bomb , MM-DT-BB-01
QC Supply Part #: 511068
Shipping: Standard
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Spray with your favorite Buck Bomb scent and hang from a branch or low lying foliage to draw deer to your stand or blind.


The Buck Bomb™ Detonator is a 12" long, 1" wide scent wick that rolls up inside a rugged canister. The canister features No-Leak O-Ring Seals to prevent leakage of your favorite scent. The fuse comes with a small container of Igniter (#511067) - 100% Buck Bomb™ Doe in Estrus Whitetail Deer Urine collected from live does during the peak of their estrus cycle.

Perfect for use with other Buck Bomb™ products. Spray Buck Bomb™ directly onto the wick, or into the canister. The hanger cord allows you to hang it from a branch or low lying foliage. When the hunt is over, simply roll the wick inside the canister, saving it for your next hunt.

Manufacturer Part Number MM-DT-BB-01



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