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Poly/Stainless Steel Nipple

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Poly/Stainless Steel Poultry Waterer Nipple

QC Supply , 420005

QC Supply Part #: 420005

Shipping: Standard

Availability: In stock

  • Buy 300 for $0.99 each
Poly Threaded Body Nipple for Poultry Drinkers.

Poly Threaded Body Nipple for Poultry Drinkers.


  • Delrin stainless steel
  • Push-up style (Fixed Top Dolly)
  • Excellent for layers
  • 1/8" thread
  • Will NOT operate on garden hose pressure
  • Vertical mounting ONLY, will leak if mounted horizontally

Installation: Needs a .90 ml (metric) hole to screw into. Need 11/32" drill bit (sold separately) to install.

Manufacturer Part Number 420005
Animal Poultry & Gamebird

Customer Reviews

Review by Brennan's babies on Mar 19, 2015

Took my girls a couple days to figure it out.
But do like them

Review by Kls on Feb 19, 2015

This is my 3rd time buying these for myself and family. It works great !!!' I have yet to find them in a local store. But shipping is very fast so it is ok.

good product.
Review by sparkey on Apr 13, 2014

The nipples work great, had no problems with them. The product was shipped quickly, and arrived sooner than I thought it would.

service was great
Review by panchapatch on Oct 1, 2013

I haven't had a chance to install it but the quality of product seems high. Would like a chance to install before submitting full review

Easy install
Review by Stub on Jun 21, 2013

These nipples install and worked great. My Ladies loved them, clean cool water.

Good product
Review by Pix on May 6, 2013

Works well. We have a large number of chicks and they seem to work well.

slicker than sliced bread
Review by msearles on Apr 7, 2013

I installed these in a 5 gal bucket in a flash, used tape on the treads and screwed them in finger tight. had no leaks a all from day one. I would rate them as high as you go. I didn't have right bit used one that was close and it still worked,do not skip the Teflon tape step. Do it right and they will work right.

Excellent product
Review by Florida Cracker on Apr 5, 2013

This is an excellent product. It provides clean water with little maintenance. As a paralyzed person it is important for me to have equipment that works and is easily maintained. The poultry nipple works exactly as advertised. Our 20 chickens figured out how to use it in about two minutes.

love these nipples!!!
Review by Franco on Mar 30, 2013

I used a 11/32 drill bit and put two or three layers of teflon tape on each nipple and that was it. Piece of cake, no leaks, no mess, no frustration. My 8 month old hens took to them quickly without issue. Love these things.

Fun easy Christmas Gift.
Review by Geoff on Dec 11, 2012

We (chickens and I) liked them so much and they are so easy to use that we gave them to friends for Christmas Presents installed in buckets ready to use. Fun stuff.

Review by Nik's Chiks on Dec 9, 2012

The girls liked the nipple...but I think they liked the 360 degree nipple better....had to try both to see what they liked! no leaking after using tephlon tape...

Review by ChickenRNx2 on Nov 6, 2012

bought a dozen of these in the summer. The plan was to put them in the bottoms of 3 five gallon bucket to make it easier for pet sitters to fill (apparently the water fonts trip up people) The concern was that our 'old girls' would not be able to learn to use them before the heat of summer got to them. The fear was unfounded as we dabbed peanut butter around the new watering nipples and everyone caught on! First day too. Best of all, the five gallon buckets are so easy to fill. Should have done this sooner. Definitely the way to go.

Great time saver
Review by Wolf Creek Acres on Jun 18, 2012

They seem are working great. The chickens figured it out within min.

Set up in sch. 40 pvc.
Review by OOPS on Jun 14, 2012

great time saver and healthier for the chicks. Drilled holes with 8 mil bit and a 10x1.0 tap. worked great.

Cheap, easy, simple!
Review by MacPE6 on May 9, 2012

Cheap, easy, simple! Drips? So what better than the messy watering thingy that always spills on me! Thingy is a technical term too cuz I just said so. Git eR Done!

best idea ever
Review by rooster on Apr 25, 2012

love them.. ill settle for a drip or two on floor.....better than cleaning a 5 gallon waterer out every day.....thanks qc

Review by chikima on Nov 10, 2011

love the idea, installed easy enough, chickens learned it I showed them once and viola.! but the nipples themselves would leak to varying degrees and not at the pvc joint but at the nipple part. it was bad enough that the whole beautiful assembly is outta there, i did see at another seller that has them in 2 pieces instead of the one piece molded. i am going to give that a try!

great for outside waterer!
Review by TTB on Apr 21, 2011

works great! Customer service was wonderful and shipped fast~ Will be buying these again.

Terrific product, works great.
Review by JMW on Mar 21, 2011

I bought a few of these just to give them a try. They worked so well, I've already bought more and a different style, too.
I tapped the threaded ones into schedule 40 pipe and just pushed the rubber grommet ones into thin bucket bottoms; both types work great with no leakers!
No "learning curve" with the chickens, either; they took right to them; curious of the "red" and the "shiny", I suspect. I like knowing their water is always clean; that's the best part. I'm going to set up an "auto-filler" next, but I know these nipples will stay part of my plans.

"QC SUPPLY" is a terrific company with great, quick service and great pricing. They will be my first choice for future needs.

Pretty good for outside use
Review by AS on Jul 15, 2010

I would only use them outside. They leak too much and soaked my pine chips for my chickens.

Nipples work great in bucket waterer!
Review by skyedobb on Jun 8, 2010

Used the nipples in my bucket auto-waterer for my backyard chicken flock. Drilled 5 holes in the bottom of a 5-gal bucket. Wrapped the threads of the nipples with plumbers tape and easily screwed them right into the bucket. Also added a toilet filler that I hooked a hose up to to make it an auto-waterer. The nipples are durable and have been working great! They don't leak unless the chickens get the prong lodged up in the top plastic part. I'd certainly buy these again!

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