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Revenge Fly Strip

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Revenge® Fly Strips


QC Supply Part #: 230390

Shipping: Standard

Availability: In stock

Attract and capture flies with these ribbons.

The Revenge® Fly Catchers attract and capture flies. They work great in barns, dairies and factories.


  • No baiting
  • No poisons
  • No vapors
  • No mess

Directions for Use:

  1. Warm tube to room temperature if cold.
  2. Remove top and pull out ribbon in a twirling motion.
  3. For best results hang away from sunshine and drafts.
  4. Use all four catchers simultaneously for highest effectiveness.

Contents: 4 Ribbons

Insect Fly

Customer Reviews

It works!
Review by kingkong on Aug 5, 2011

How many of the things that you buy can you say concerning it "It works!?

This works!

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