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Hi-Low Thermometer

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Hi-Low Thermometer


QC Supply Part #: 10909

Shipping: Standard

Availability: Out of stock

This Item Is No Longer Available for Purchase

Track high and low temps with this thermometer.

This Hi-Low Thermometer has a temperature range from -40° to 120° F. The mercury tube is made of heavy-duty glass for longer use. Records the high-low temperature as well as current temperature.

Contains Mercury

Manufacturer Part Number 5040

Customer Reviews

Not the best
Review by on Apr 20, 2012

Mercury difficult to settle. Not sure on the accuracy since I use these to determine temperature settings in a refrigerator.

These are inferior products
Review by on Jan 16, 2012

These thermometers are inferior products. I purchased three of these min max thermometers and all three had difficulty resetting correctly. The box was unmarked with any brand or model, just a plain brown box. The thermometers were also unmarked and there were no instructions, no web site to go to, no information was provided. QC Supply took them back, but I was inconvenienced and I don't think anyone should be selling inferior product like these. I purchase three of them and they were all the same, so it was not a single defective product, they are inferior. I do not recommend that anyone purchase this product.

you need to calibrate it to use it...
Review by on Jan 12, 2012

There are a couple different ways to calibrate a thermometer the one I received is 5 degrees off at 32 and 17 at 100F. Not a huge problem for my needs I can figure it out from there but if you need precision and do not know how to calibrate then you will likely want to try a more expensive model.
If you don't mind looking up on the internet how to calibrate a thermometer (do not use the water bath method on this unit) then this is not a bad unit. No thermometer is perfect.

Review by on Dec 18, 2011

Purchased two units. One thermometer has a discontinuous mercury column and is very inaccurate. The other thermometer does not record minimum temperature as it should, but instead, tracks current temperature on the minimum scale. All in all, not good equipment, because two of two units do not function as intended. No instructions included.

Bought several and had several fail
Review by on Dec 15, 2009

Mercury doe not want to settle to get good reading. Have bought Several as we need access to high low temp. Used company directions to make work and still had trouble. Not a really good product.

Closer to the high end than the low end
Review by on Nov 23, 2009

I purchased 8 of these and 4 cheaper models from another supplier. I got what I paid for, these were worth the extra $. The mercury tube is securely fastened to the sturdy frame. It would be good to have another screw eyelet on the bottom so that the frame can be anchored in 2 places. I have purchased hi-low thermometers in the past and for this price range this model is the best.

Would not purchase
Review by on Jul 7, 2009

Have bought several and had nothing but problems. Inaccurate and will not read close at all. Mercury does not work well. Have tried all instructions with no luck.

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